Student Spotlight: Elaine Gay

Elaine Gay is one of CSU Hillel’s senior leadership members. Entering her final year on campus Elaine is looking forward to working with the Hillel house by continuing to help plan events, cook Shabbat meals and any other activities when needed.  Elaine is a double major in History and Anthropology with an English minor. She’s currently […]

Student Spotlight: Lindsay Robinson

Sustainability is an essential aspect of Colorado State University and CSU Hillel. Leading CSU Hillel’s sustainability efforts this year is Lindsay Robinson. Sustainability is a pillar of Hillel because it follows the Jewish values of giving back to, and being kind to the earth and world around us. Originally from Aurora, Colorado, Lindsay is a perfect […]

Student Spotlight: Alex Kaye

New to the CSU Hillel leadership team this year is Alex Kaye.  A sophomore Fermentation science major Alex has become a familiar face at the Hillel house after spending many days last year building friendships at Hillel.  Originally from down south in Atlanta Georgia, Alex has certainly made a large leap from home, but that was intentional. […]