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Hillel Colorado Boards

While affiliated with Hillel International, Hillel of Colorado is incorporated as an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit in the State of Colorado – and is governed by an independent board of directors responsible for all of our funding, policies and fiduciary oversight.

All Hillel of Colorado board members automatically serve on the business board – a place where community leaders demonstrate their commitment to Hillel of Colorado. Our business board – although having no governance authority – fulfills a very important role embedding Hillel’s mission more deeply in the community while serving as an adversary, advocacy, and funding mechanism. The business board also helps connect our students to the larger Jewish community in a variety of ways.

Hillel of Colorado boards:

(as of August 2018)

Board of Directors

Gary Agron

Rachel Balows

Ed Barad

Rob Baumgarten

Harvey Deutsch

Dick Fleischman

Brenda Morrison

Stu Pack

Jay Perlmutter

Meyer Saltzman

Michael Schulman

Don Siegel

Hugo Weinberger

Business Board

David Birnbaum

Blake Cohen

Steven M. Cohen

Fred Davine

Michael Feiner

David Fogel

Danny Foster

Jim Frank

Peggy Goldman

David Hauptman

Ali Hill

Rob Kaufmann

Rob Klugman

Bruce Plotkin

Jeffrey Reiss

Alan J. Rubin

Stuart Senkfor

Kelli Theis

Skip Weller