Student Spotlight: Lindsay Robinson

*Update: In August Lindsay is moving to Israel for the next year to teach English.  Sustainability is an essential aspect of Colorado State University and CSU Hillel. Leading CSU Hillel’s sustainability efforts this year is Lindsay Robinson. Sustainability is a pillar of Hillel because it follows the Jewish values of giving back to, and being kind to […]

Rosh Hashana in Fort Collins

Happy Holidays everyone! May you have a sweet and happy new year full of growth and joy! Please join us for Shabbat this Friday at the Hillel House. Below are several local options for service (ranging across the Jewish spectrum). ALL services free for CSU students; just mention “CSU Hillel.”   CHABAD OF NORTHERN COLORADO Rosh Hashana […]

Student Spotlight: Alex Kaye

New to the CSU Hillel leadership team this year is Alex Kaye.  A sophomore Fermentation science major Alex has become a familiar face at the Hillel house after spending many days last year building friendships at Hillel. Originally from down south in Atlanta Georgia, Alex has certainly made a large leap from home, but that […]

CSU Taglit Birthright: Day Seven

After breakfast in Jerusalem, we drove to Tel Aviv to participate in “Tel Aviv Day.” This day we were given two unique activities which we had chosen previously with a period of free time in between. For these activities, the entire birthright group was split into four smaller groups of twelve people each. The activities […]

CSU Taglit Birthright: Day Six

After waking up and eating breakfast in Jerusalem, we headed out to Mount Herzl also known as Har Ha‐Zikaron, the Military and National Cemetery of Israel. Upon arrival, we first saw the beauty of the trees and the surrounding nature. As we got deeper into the Cemetery, we saw many grave sites of young men […]

CSU Taglit Birthright: Day Four

In the morning, after breakfast we drove to pickup our 8 Israeli friends who would join us on the trip. These Israeli’s are youth around the age of 18–21 who are currently serving in the Israel Defense Forces. After meeting the Israeli’s we drove to Baha’i gardens. On our way to Baha’i, we passed a […]