CSU Taglit Birthright: Day Three

Due to it being Shabbat, many businesses around Haifa and across Israel were closed. So because of this we were given the opportunity to sleep in and have a more relaxing day. After eating breakfast, we got together in the hotel lobby for some more icebreakers. We played what we called the name game, in […]

CSU Taglit Birthright: Day One

Upon arrival to Ben Guiron Airport, the Taglit‐Birthright group EZ-36–49 was introduced to Ezra staff and our tour guide Itamar. We then went over orientation and rules by staff. It was clear that by the time we landed in the airport everyone was very excited for the 10 days to come! On our way to […]

Leadership Team is the Backbone of CSU Hillel

It’s a Sunday evening and CSU Hillel’s Leadership Team is about to begin their weekly meeting to discuss upcoming events.  The leftover food from the previous Shabbat and has been warmed up and plates are being filled. This spring, Hillel’s Leadership Team, or LT, consisted of six members: Hillary Lorsch (president), Sadye Hazan (Journalism and […]

11 Reasons To Go To CSU Hillel

Hillel is a great place to spend your college career. Get to know other Jews and create memories that will last a lifetime. Still not convinced? Here are 11 reasons you should get involved with Hillel. 1. You know you will never starve Snacks galore can be found at Hillel. 2. You can expect to […]