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University of Denver Hillel

Who we are…

University of Denver Hillel offers many ways for students to develop their leadership skills and to engage the campus community. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to get involved, to impact and shape the Jewish community for each other and their peers. Get in touch to learn more about how to make a Jewish home for students on campus.


Our location

Merage & Allon Hillel Center
2390 S. Race St.
Denver, CO 80210

Contact Us


(303) 777-2773 x223

Upcoming Events


Parent's Weekend Hockey & Havdallah

February 25 @ 6 p.m. at DU Underground

Prior to the puck drop on Saturday night please join us for an appetizing tailgate! Come meet the DU Hillel professionals and student leaders to learn more about the Jewish community on the DU campus.

Click Here to RSVP

Recent Photos

Hillel DU Student Leadership Team

Hillel, like any organization, thrives on its leadership.  The people who take on leadership positions will influence the direction the organization will take in the coming year.   A leader by definition is someone who advises, guides, and inspires others; all of which are true in this case.  But we go beyond that.  The leaders of Hillel devote themselves to the success of the organization and serve as ambassadors of the organization on campus.

While there is a great deal of responsibility involved in serving on the Hillel Board, the benefits are incalculable.  You can ask any former board member; it is an experience that will remain with you throughout life.  Our leadership team has made friendships that will last well beyond the college years and many of the lessons you will learn and skills you will develop will apply not only in Hillel but also in your future professional lives.


Paul Sherman, Sonya Raab, & Sami Hyman

Board Members

Hannah Fox, Gracie Glaser, Norah Herzog, Sasha Kahn, Jena Moch, Danielle Nebel, Aliyah Price, Isabel Reiches, Sophie Smith, Lizzy Wallis & Jane Zunnamon

Fall 2016 Interns

(Now seeking a Fall Engagement Intern)

Birthright Interns

Hannah Fine & Sabrina Yagman

Hillel Chef

Matthew Useda

FYSH (First Year Student of Hillel) Program

This year we are offering the First Year Student of Hillel (FYSH) an opportunity to create community, connect with upper classmen, develop leadership skills and learn more about and make a difference at Hillel.  

Freshman year is filled with new experiences ranging from Greek Life and student clubs to Living Learning Communities, making new friends, exploring Denver and spending time up in the mountains.   We want to make sure the Hillel can be that “Home Away from Home” that helps you connect to the larger campus while giving you a place and community in which you feel comfortable.

Click here to apply for DU's FYSH program!