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Bring your family to your student!


Join our Parents Circle

The Parent Circle is one more way you can help your student connect to a warm, vibrant, and diverse Jewish community on their campus and while they are away from home.

You can take comfort in knowing that all students are welcomed at Hillel and invited to participate in all of our programs (weekly Shabbat Dinners, Birthright Israel trips, holiday celebrations, leadership opportunities, social justice programs, and religious and social events).

But joining the Parent Circle adds another level! – a very-appreciated-little-bit-of-home for your college student who will receive our timely hand-delivered care packages.

Join our Parents Circle:

Your student will receive 2 care packages throughout the school year, a birthday delivery, parent updates, and more.

$ 180
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Total Amount: $180

Our Parents Circle “Fall Finals Hanukkah Survival Package" comes with E-menorah, 2 dreidels, Gelt, Chanukah Wire Garland, Chanukah wrapping paper, Bamba peanut snack, Hostess "Sufganiyot” donettes, Fig Newtons, Laser Pop, Trail Mix, Kashi Granola Bar, and a Starbucks gift card.

Parent Circle lets you send a little bit of home to college through these hand-delivered care packages.

Can’t “Pass-over” this Package:

Order by March 26, 2018.

Your package will include:

  • Disposable Seder Plate
  • Plenty of Matzah
  • Passover “goodies” galore
  • Seder “how to” basics
  • Passover Materials

Spring Finals Survival Package:

Order by April 27, 2018. Delivered Finals Week.

Your package will include:

  • Healthy Snacks Galore
  • Gift cards for local coffee and food
  • More Snacks Galore! (maybe not as healthy)
  • Stress ball and other Hillel Swag!

Send your student a birthday gift:

Send your student a birthday package:

Includes a Jumbo birthday cupcake made by BitterSweets Bakery, a candle, a balloon, and a personal message from you! Delivered to your student’s door.

$ 36
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Total Amount: $36