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CU Hillel Birthright Israel Trip

Summer 2018 Trip Options: May 23-June 4 and June 4–15.

Israel Outdoors is a leading organizer of Birthright Israel funded trips. Most trips are 10 days, the experience is free, and there are absolutely no strings attached. Eligible participants are Jewish, ages 18–26.

A Birthright Israel experience with Israel Outdoors has been described in many ways by our alumni – from “amazing” to “moving” to “inspiring” and “eye-opening.” We know that this journey will mean something different for each traveler. Through it all, strangers will become your friends, as you journey across Israel sharing authentic memories together.

Step by Step Guide for Registering for Birthright Israel

University of Colorado- Boulder 2018

General notes about registration: After you have completed the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email from Birthright Israel.Don’t forget to click the link to confirm your email address. Your application isn’t complete until this happens! Often this email will go to your spam folder, so if you don’t see it in your inbox within a few hours of registering please check there. Additionally, don’t forget to pay your refundable deposit.  In order to participate on a trip you must have a deposit of $250 in the system.

Step 1: Register

Visit www.IsraelOutdoors.com/Colorado You will not be able to register with an “.edu” email address, so please make sure you have another email address available. Your email address will become your user ID, and you will need it and your password throughout the process.

Step 2: Application Part 1

Complete Part 1 (the primary application)

Part 1 of the application is administered by Birthright Israel. This is your primary application and includes 8 sections:

  • Section 1: General Information – includes all contact information.
  • Section 2: Trip Selection –Select the trip labeled Israel Outdoors- University of Colorado (with the trip date of your choice)
  • Section 3: Jewish background
  • Section 4: Previous Israel Experience
  • Section 5: Essays
  • Section 6: Trip Waiver
  • Section 7: The Deposit
    • Must put down a $250 refundable deposit for Summer 2018
  • Section 8: Email Confirmation
    • Check your spam folder!

Step 3: Application Part 2

(24–48 hours after Step 2)

Application Part 2 (Secondary Application only for Summer 2018 Applicants)

You will receive an email from Hillel with a link to your secondary application. This is Hillel’s part of the application, and is required only if you are going this winter! In this section, you will fill out your medical and emergency contact information, make requests for roommates (if applicable), and list any allergies or dietary information. You will also be able to upload a jpg file of your passport!  You will receive a separate email about setting up a time for your interview through a service called sign up genius so there is no need to sign up for one your application.

If you are confirmed as a participant, after applications and interviews are completed, this is where you will find your travel information including your bus number, flight code, flight numbers, and a link to extend your stay in Israel.

Step 4: Interview


After you have completed your application, you will be contacted for an interview, which is a required part of the Birthright Israel application process.  This allows us to get to know you better, determine your eligibility, and gives you the chance to ask any questions you might have.

Questions about your application or the registration process? Contact Lindsay Migdal at lindsay@hillelcolorado.org.