Staying Connected at DU Hillel

DU Hillel staff and student leaders have been busy assuring that all immediate student needs are being met (food, housing, referrals for medical and emotional support, etc.); reaching out to all our students by phone and social media; providing weekly Shabbat food kits, Zoom Shabbat events and networking; and connecting students with numerous Hillel learning and socializing opportunities. In many ways DU Hillel is needed more than ever, and busier than ever! You may have noticed our new, temporary tag line: Now facilitating social closer-ing through creative online together-ing.

The Covid19 crisis our DU Hillel students in Denver began to face six weeks ago had led to one of the most unprecedented times ever for our students. Knee deep in their quarter, the University of Denver and our Hillel closed our doors and moved to 100% online, not knowing if and when they would reopen. With this uncertainty came a barrage of questions and concerns. Questions like: What actually constitutes our DU Hillel – a House, a meal, a community, what? What is this “Hillel” connection? What does Hillel look like online? How can we serve students’ deeper needs?

While we are still searching for a lot of the answers, our DU Hillel community, our student leaders, our student interns are meeting these and more questions head on. We daily update our DU Hillel Facebook and Instagram feeds, navigating the online world with our passions and love of Hillel. We share resources and set up virtual programming on a weekly basis: lots of zooming! The content is student generated by DU student board officers and interns, while staff and student leaders take turns reaching out to our Hillel friends and family who we know need some extra support.

DU Hillel remains committed to our students, parents, university and each other as we continue the legacy we have inherited from our patriarchs and matriarchs. Despite the physical restrictions of the Covid19 era, we are tighter than ever. Thank you for your support and generosity. Please continue to follow us online and to stay in touch.

Our students need Hillel now more than ever before.

Noam Dahary – DU Hillel Campus Director
[email protected], 720-434-1131