Molly Gilman

CSU Hillel Leadership Board Member

by: Molly Gillman CSU Hillel Leadership Board Member As Covid-19 cases continue to climb in my home state of New York, I have found being back at home stressful. I am sure many people are struggling with being back in their childhood bedrooms, living with their parents again, and trying to get their school work […]

CSU – Hillel Colorado Memo on Covid-19

Dear CSU Hillel students and families: Hillel is here for you! Jews have historically been at our best when we come together to address challenges; the Megillat Esther story we read this week for Purim is but one example. As you know, Colorado State University has cancelled in-person classes and has set up remote-learning […]

Birthright Winter 2019

From wandering the colorful aromatic streets of the shuk in Tel Aviv to stumbling along the ancient stone of Jerusalem, Birthright truly provided a crash course adventure in Israel. Joining a trip of late teens and early 20-somethings, I was excited to meet new people and experience an exciting adventure on the other side of […]

Avi Shabbat

Avi Shaffer was an American teenager whose life probably looked a lot like yours. He went to NFTY, participated in his local Jewish community, and was very close with his family. At the age of 18, Avi and his brother left behind everything they have known to go to Israel and join the Israeli Defense […]