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Partnering in Students’ Jewish Journeys


At college, Hillel is the most critical component of the students’ Jewish journeys. We take our mission seriously, and we are proud to add our expertise to what parents, grandparents, teachers, rabbis and counselors, have already provided. Consider a few impactful ways you can still make a difference by partnering with us:

Join our Parents Circle

All students are welcome at Hillel!

Take comfort in knowing that our regular programming (weekly Shabbat Dinners, Birthright Israel trips, holiday celebrations, leadership opportunities, social justice programs, and religious and social events) is free of charge.

On top of all that, our Parent Circle is one more way you can help your student stay connected to Jewish life through Hillel’s warm, vibrant, and diverse community on their campus and while they are away from home.

Enroll now and we will hand deliver to dorm, apartment or house four timely care packages throughout the school year, a birthday delivery for birthdays that fall during class – and of course Matzah Ball soup to ease anything that ails. We will provide that very-appreciated-little-bit-of-home for your college student for a one-time fee of $360.  And now, student leaders at each campus will determine how the revenue generated will be spent to enhance student life at Hillel.

Join our Parents Circle:

Your student will receive four care packages throughout the school year, a birthday delivery, parent updates, and more.

$ 360

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# 1: Back-to-School High Holiday Basket

Includes apples and honey for a sweet year, additional school supplies, a Starbucks gift card, a Hillel mug and other Hillel swag, lots of nutritious and yummy noshes, a schedule of Hillel events – and a directory of Jewish events in the community, and more.

Parent Circle lets you send a little bit of home to college through these hand-delivered care packages.


#2: Fall Finals Survival Basket

Includes both Thanksgiving and Chanukah items to remind you of the ceremonies and warmth of the moving-into-winter holidays, a gift card to a campus establishment, plenty of healthy (and a few indulgent) noshes for pre-finals study time inside the Hillel House and without!


#3: Can’t Pass-over this Holiday Basket

Includes a Seder plate, Haggadah, fun Seder reminders and materials for Passover, matzah, matzah ball soup mix, plenty of goodies to remind you of home (including Israeli chocolate, fruit, and macaroons), springtime flower pot & seeds, stress-toys and more.


#4: Spring Finals Survival Basket

Includes index cards for notes, a Starbucks gift card, goodies (including tea, cookies, bars and popcorn), travel hygiene supplies (good breath is really important – even during finals!), Emergen-C packets, chips, Smart Water, a squishy animal and more.

Matzah Ball Soup Hotline

We will deliver matzah ball soup to DU & CSU Hillel students free of charge. If you know someone who is feeling sick, needs the comfort provided by the ancient properties of Jewish penicillin fill out the Matzah Ball Soup Hotline Request Form to place your soup order; we will send you a confirmation email when it has been delivered!