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Campus Leadership Opportunities


Hillel offers many ways for students to develop their leadership skills and to engage the campus community. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to get involved, to impact and shape the Jewish community for each other and their peers. The Student Leadership Team is the core group of leaders creating a warm, welcoming Jewish home on campus. They will gain valuable Jewish and professional knowledge, skills, and experience. Your involvement will be critical in defining Jewish programming and engagement on your campus.


"Being a board member for Hillel has really helped me grow professionally in my ability to plan and facilitate programs. Jamie, our campus director, encourages and assists us to step up, take responsibility and make the changes that we want to see at Hillel. Rather than brainstorming ideas for someone else to carry out, Jamie has helped me figure out how to map out and make these dreams happen myself. I now have the experience and confidence that I can take an abstract idea and turn it into a real event or change for the community."
-Lizzy Wallis, DU Hillel Student