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DU Leadership Opportunities

"Hillel has provided me with an opportunity to develop, hone, and apply leadership and planning skills as a member of the student board."

-Sasha Kahn, DU Hillel Student

Thank you for your interest in being involved in leadership at DU's Hillel! Application Below. 

Hillel, like any organization, thrives on its leadership.  The people who take on leadership positions will influence the direction the organization will take in the coming year.  Serving on the Hillel Board is not a task to be taken lightly.  A leader by definition is someone who advises, guides, and inspires others; all of which are true in this case.  But we go beyond that.  The leaders of Hillel need to devote themselves to the success of the organization and serve as ambassadors of the organization on campus.

While there is a great deal of responsibility involved in serving on the Hillel Board, the benefits are incalculable.  You can ask any former board member; it is an experience that will remain with you throughout life.  You will make friendships that will last well beyond the college years and many of the lessons you will learn and skills you will develop will apply not only in Hillel but also in your future professional lives.


Instead of holding formal elections, we will set up personal interview with each candidate and eventually propose a slate for next year's leadership team

Application Process:

Complete the online application below.  Following completion of the application, we will set up an Interview.  Applications are DUE on January 10, 2020 and the Board will be finalized by Wednesday January 15, 2020.  We will transition from old board to new board by January 20-21, 2020.

Board Expectations for every person on board

  • Planning and execution of 2-3 Hillel Events or Shabbat throughout the quarter
  • Attendance at the three quarterly Hillel Board Meetings
  • Regular attendance at Shabbat and other Hillel Events
  • Welcoming to new participants at events to make others feel part of the community
  • Help with outreach and inviting others to events/programs
  • Setting and Cleaning Up for a few events per quarter

2020 Hillel Board Structure:

Vice President
Jewish Life Intern
Marketing Intern
Chef/Cooking Intern
Birthright Intern

DU Hillel Board Application- Winter/Spring 2020 term

Hillel offers leadership positions for outstanding students at The University of Denver. Through these positions, students have an excellent opportunity to affect Jewish life positively on campus – while receiving unique professional development and learning opportunities. You will work in a flexible and supportive environment to achieve co-planned goals designed to build tomorrow’s leaders and to make Hillel a home away from home for Jewish students and friends, while also developing your professional portfolio and resume. Apply here.