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Colorado State University Hillel offers weekly shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations, campus wide events, Birthright trips to Israel, leadership opportunities and more! Our Merage Hillel House has WiFi, Wii + Netflix, study places, and separate meat/dairy kitchens for a delicious kosher meal!

Colorado State University Hillel also offers many ways for students to develop their leadership skills and to engage the campus community. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to get involved, to impact and shape the Jewish community for each other and their peers. Get in touch to learn more about how to make a Jewish home for students on campus, or check out our internship program.


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Upcoming Events

Welcome BBQ @Hillel

August 23rd @ 5 p.m. Come join us for our annual BBQ at Hillel, co-hosted by Hillel, Chabad, AEPi & Achayut. Enjoy great kosher food with your friends, or come and make new ones! Explore Jewish life on campus.

Welcome Shabbat @Chabad

August 26th @ 7 p.m. Come to Chabad for our welcome JEWnity Shabbat Dinner, co-hosted by Hillel, Chabad, AEPi, and Achayut! Optional services start at 6:30 p.m. and dinner starts at 7 p.m.

Recent Photos

Hillel CSU Student Leadership Team


The Student Leadership Team is the core group of leaders creating a Jewish home on campus, and these students gain valuable Jewish and professional knowledge, skills, and experience. Their involvement is critical in defining Jewish programming and engagement on campus each semester.

Zack Josephs


I joined Hillel LT for a unique opportunity to connect with other Jewish students, as well as to work on my communication and leadership skills. Being Jewish on a college campus means making small sacrifices to open up a Friday night to attend a Shabbat, or to take classes off for a high holiday, and for me specifically, it means engaging in the Jewish community through the organizations that have appealed to me the most (Hillel, AEPi, Chabad). My favorite thing about Hillel is the atmosphere the house provided. It is very homey and feels like more of a privilege than it does a duty going there to cook for Shabbat or to study.

Meredith Rauch

Marketing Manager

I joined Hillel Leadership Team to continue building the jewish community at CSU while having a place to watch Netflix and eat too much hummus. Living in a community with a Jewish minority makes me feel like its more important that I represent our faith and take part in leadership.My favorite thing about Hillel is having the house to eat/study/hang out in, while coming for home cooked meals every Friday for shabbat. Hillel is Bomb.

Hillary Lorsch

House Manager

I joined Hillel Leadership Team to help create a community and give students a home on campus. Being Jewish at a school with not so many Jews means I get to have this special part of my life that I need to work for because it isn’t always around me. I love coming to Hillel and there be someone cooking in the kitchen while someone does homework and someone else is downstairs watching Netflix.

Aliya Gorelick

House Manager

Aliya’s favorite movie is “Grease.” Her dream destination is England.

Sadye Hazan

General Board Member

Hillel has become my second home whether it be because I hang out at the Hillel house almost everyday or I have become extremely close to some of the people that come to Hillel. I enjoy coming to Shabbat every week and occasionally preparing Shabbat for the other students. I love being part of a space that can make other people feel at home even when they aren’t actually home.

Shayna Keese

General Board Member

I joined the Hillel leadership team to feel more connected with the Jewish community and to make more friends. Being Jewish on a college campus means the world to me because the Jewish community is so small and tight-knit that it turns a big campus into a smaller one for me. Everyone says to find your niche in college and the Jewish community is my niche. My favorite thing about Hillel is meeting new Jews and forming new relationships.

Lawrence Horowitz

General Board Member

I really wanted to get involved more in the Jewish community here at CSU and Hillel was a great way to really feel connected to my fellow Jews around me. Being Jewish to me is showing and represented who I am and where I came from and I think that is really important. I love the community that Hillel brings to CSU and all the events that we run here on campus.

Nevan Mandel

General Board Member

Cries. Happiness. That was the evening Nevan was born. Soon there was a name, and soon after a circumcision. Then, came the legacy. The questions are numerous. The answers are few. In 2015 Nevan joined the CSU Hillel. In Nevan lay what may have been peculiarities. There were the stories that no one else would hear. There they were, and when they were in Hillel they were culture. In Hillel they were lessons and tales of intrigue. There they were nourishment and a person like never before.