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Colorado State University Hillel offers weekly shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations, campus wide events, Birthright trips to Israel, leadership opportunities and more! Our Merage Hillel House has WiFi, Wii + Netflix, study places, and separate meat/dairy kitchens for a delicious kosher meal!

Colorado State University Hillel also offers many ways for students to develop their leadership skills and to engage the campus community. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to get involved, to impact and shape the Jewish community for each other and their peers. Get in touch to learn more about how to make a Jewish home for students on campus, or check out our internship program.


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  • A Recap of Holocaust Awareness Week at CSU (2/26/2017)

    Last week, from Monday, February 20th to Friday, February 24th, we remembered those who survived and perished during the Holocaust throughout CSU’s 20th Annual Holocaust Awareness Week.  Events included a guest speaker, a movie, and the amazing story of Mrs. Fanny Starr, a 95-year-old Holocaust Survivor. 

    On Monday, February 20th, Bruce Wasserman, a local Jewish author, gave a lecture called, “The Breach Beyond the Dark: Literature and the Holocaust.” Wasserman is a poet who has had a literary career that spans news and periodicals.  He works as a freelance writer and edits professional journals.  He is also a potter, musician, a dentist, and occasionally, a horse trainer.  He talked about many things during his two hour lecture, including author Primo Levi, the Warsaw uprising, Nazi doctors, and also shared some of his original poetry. 

    Bruce Wasserman
    Bruce Wasserman

    On Tuesday, there was a screening of the film, The Pianist, which is based on the true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman, who was a Jewish pianist who fought for survival during the Holocaust.

    Wednesday was the big event for Holocaust Awareness Week.  CSU hosted Fanny Starr, a 95-year-old Holocaust Survivor who now resides in Denver, Colorado and about 1,600 people attended the event. She shared her story of survival during the war and the difficult times she went through.  It was a story of bravery and resilience.  You can read her story here.

    Fanny Starr
    Fanny Starr sharing her story. Photo by Emily Coffey of Sweet Justice Photography

    On Friday, there was a memorial for those who were lost during the Holocaust, as well as a retirement of the field of flags on the plaza.  The flags were put up the Friday before Holocaust Awareness week.  There are different colors of flags to represent the different people lost in the Holocaust, and each flag represents 5,000 people.

    Field of Flags
    Field of Flags on the Plaza

    Throughout the week, student leaders from the Jewish community read from a book of names of those that were lost in the Holocaust.  We must keep their memories alive so they are not forgotten.

    It is important for us to remember what happened in order to prevent it from ever happening again.  As Fanny Starr said, “We as Jews are stronger and we will survive all obstacles in the world.” Holocaust Awareness Week is a way for the CSU community to honor those who we lost and those who survived.  We listen to their stories so we will never forget. 

    Holocaust Awareness Week has been a tradition at CSU for about 20 years.  This year, it was co-hosted by Chabad at CSU, CSU Hillel, AEPi, SAEPi, Associated Students at CSU, and was made possibly by the Lory Student Center Diversity Grant and Colorado State University. 

Recent Photos

Hillel CSU Student Leadership Team


The Student Leadership Team is the core group of leaders creating a Jewish home on campus, and these students gain valuable Jewish and professional knowledge, skills, and experience. Their involvement is critical in defining Jewish programming and engagement on campus each semester.

Hillary Lorsch


Hillary is a junior here at CSU studying Journalism with a minor in Business Administration. We asked Hillary what she was most excited about for Hillel this year: "I'm really excited to cook for Shabbat because nothing gives me more joy than after hours of cooking seeing a room full of people relaxing and laughing over a home cooked meal."

Zack Josephs

Leadership Team

Zack is a senior with a Political Science and Philosophy double major and a minor in English. We asked Zack how Hillel has impacted his life: "Hillel has made me more conscious of inclusivity, brought me close to a lot of great people, and has positively affected my ability to time manage and make sacrifices for others."

Ruthie Gertz

House Manager

Ruthie is a pre-vet equine science major in her senior year here at CSU. We asked Ruthie what her favorite thing is about Hillel: "Hillel is like my home away from home because I know wherever I go I'll meet great people and have fun. And there's always food, which is really great!"

Sadye Hazan

Leadership Team

Sadye is a senior journalism major with a minor in ethnic studies. We asked Sadye what her favorite thing is about being a part of Hillel: "I really like being part of Hillel because all of my friends are in Hillel, so events are super fun to go to. I also just love being in the Hillel house, even when we don't have events because there's Netflix and a bunch of food so it's always a good time."

Nevan Mandel

Leadership Team

Nevan is a third year environmental policy major. We asked him what his favorite thing is about being a part of Hillel: "My favorite thing about Hillel is working with Hazon to make our Hillel green and sustainable."

Sam Roll

House Manager

Sam is a sophomore studying criminology and philosophy. We asked Sam what he wants to accomplish at Hillel: "I hope to start a tradition at Hillel."

Emma Shear

House Manager

Emma is a sophomore Human Development & Family Studies major. We asked Emma what she likes most about being a part of Hillel: "I get to be myself and help maintain my Jewish identity."

Aliya Gorelick

Emerson Fellow & Leadership Team

Aliya is a sophomore psychology major. We asked Aliya what Hillel means to her: "Being a part of Hillel lets me hang out with cool Jews and have a community away from home."

Elaine Gay

Marketing Coordinator

Rose Bork

Leadership Team

Aviva Lessnick

Leadership Team

Alicia Bridges

Leadership Team